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Posts tagged: environment

fantastic, simple, easy to understand video bringing to light the basics of climate change and the enhanced global greenhouse effect

by the way, michelle bachman just sounded idiotic (probably not only sounds idiotic but…yea, complete the thought)

last year, all the world’s nations combined pumped nearly 38.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air…the total amounts to more than 2.4 million pounds (1.1 million kilograms) of carbon dioxide released into the air every second.

from an article in the huffington post (by seth borenstein)

sometimes…i wonder if it’s already too late to do anything about this problem, which is at this point, so overwhelmingly clear that it’s a problem

a history of climate change negotiations…all within 83 seconds!

found this gem on the new york times. it’s humorous and ridiculous, but the sad thing is how true it actually is…sigh

will we ever see a resolution to all this bickering?

we have gained relative to the developing world through two centuries of access to cheap fossil fuel energy. what sort of moral authority do we have in negotiations aimed at convincing them to reduce their own emissions, if we show no willingness to do the same after having had a two century head-start in building a fossil fuel based economy?

michael mann — climatologist from penn state university
(in a huffington post article about hurricane sandy that ravaged the northeastern US coastline)

listen up america + all developed nations!