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Posts tagged: videos

haven’t been able to stop listening to this song all day

great band + great message, and it’s all for the One on high!


this looks really beautiful. would love to do something like this one day.

video by sungjin ahn - “joshua”

and as a follow up to the previous video, laugh for another minute of your day!

normally, i’d say something like this would duly freak me out, especially if i saw this on the street, but i was cracking up for the last minute watching this bad boy. enjoy! (i think the jolly music helps)

video about the west that was made as propaganda in north korea

though propaganda from a government that is, itself crazy, it’s chilling how accurate it is in describing the horrific trends in western, capitalist society

fantastic, simple, easy to understand video bringing to light the basics of climate change and the enhanced global greenhouse effect

by the way, michelle bachman just sounded idiotic (probably not only sounds idiotic but…yea, complete the thought)

beautiful time lapse video of a man’s journey with his wife through the karoo region of south africa.

this……REALLY makes me want to travel.


link to a more detailed story on petapixel

cinnamon apple rings……(majorly salivating)

so simple! and a great video to show us how to make some!

yes, another video

this time…glaze waterfall!!!!!! (salivating…)

hyeonseo lee (이현서) and her amazing escape story from north korea

enjoy, and please share!